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Receiving loop antenna for indoor or portable use revised version.

New version Old version

I changed the shape from square to circle. Height and width of the loop are 1 meter.

This means that one turn changed from 2.80 meters to 3.14 meters. In this case i have used two turns = 6.28 meters.

I replaced the thin wire with 2.5 mm² wire. this produces a smaller coil resistance, so a higher Q value.

The results:

The coil value increased a bit from 12.6 µH to 13.3 µH. RL is the series resistance of the inductor that becomes smaller due to the larger wire diameter.

Smaller RL means higher Q.

Old version 3.650 MHz: SWR3 bandwith = 72 KHz SWR10 bandwith = 192 KHz

New version 3.650 MHz: SWR3 bandwith = 33 KHz SWR10 bandwith = 87 KHz

Old version 7.100 MHz: SWR3 bandwith = 136 KHz SWR4 bandwith = 178 KHz

New version 7.100 MHz: SWR3 bandwith = 94 KHz SWR4 bandwith = 122 KHz

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