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Receiving loop antenna with 3 turns i.s.o. 2 turns.

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Height and width of the loop are 1 meter.

This means that one turn = 2.80 meters.

In this case i have used tree turns = 8.40 meters.

New coil value = 27 uH.

With a minimum capacitance = 35 pF the resonance frequency becomes 4.690 KHz. SWR is then 1.02.

Remark: coupling is changed to achieve a good SWR.

Measuring results:

With a maximum capacitance = 150 pF the resonance frequency becomes 2.500 KHz. SWR is then 1.13.

Measuring results:

I have tuned the loop @ 3.660 KHz.

Loop 3 turns

Compared to the loop with 2 turns (see below) te loop with 3 turns is sharper. Sharper means higher Q factor.

Loop 2 turns

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