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BMW R1200RT leaking front fork repair.

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Start situation:

Step 1: remove the small fairing panels.

Step 2: remove the large fairing panels.

Step 3: remove the brake calipers. Step 4: remove the front mudguard.

Step 5: remove the front wheel.

Step 6: move the handle bars to give access to the nut securing the fork top.

Step 7: Counter-hold the fork top bold Step 8: loosen the bolds securing

and undo the the fork top nut. the fork to the bridge.

Step 9: remove the dust seal and undo Step 10: withdraw the

the small air bleed screw. tube from the slider.

Step 11: Prise the clip out and remove the old oil seal by using a large screw driver. take care not to damage the slider.

Step 12: measure the amount of old oil in the fork and replace it with new oil.

Step 13: replace the tube into the slider with the new oil.

Step 14; place a new oil seal over Step 15: replace the clip.

the tube into the slider.

Step16: place the dust seal Step 17: place the air bleed screw

Step 18: Put the restored forks back in place.

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