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Restore of a 2005-2014 BMW R1200RT Swinging Arm.

Swinging Arm, Long, Right - BMW-Motorrad BMW partnumber: 46637686678

Swinging Arm, Long, Left - BMW-Motorrad BMW partnumber: 46637686677

The left piece broke a few years ago.

Now the right piece had the same problem.

Maybe it's because of the bigger windshield I installed a few years ago. Who knows.

The new price is only a 50 € but for fun I tried to restore it in the hope that it would be stronger than the original. The material is a kind of zamak which cannot be glued.

Step 1: Drill a hole of 2.5 mm. Step 2: Screw in a bolt of M3.

Step 3: Cut the bolt to the correct length. Step 4: Drill a hole of 2.5 mm.

Step 5: Twist the pieces together.

The result:

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